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Exceptional care services and dedicated staff. Highly recommend!
Sarah M.
Sales Associate
Healthcare Industry

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We provide a range of specialist residential, supported living service and home
care for adults with learning disabilities and associated with mental illness.
Our expertise lies in supporting adults with a wide range of conditions
including Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, William Syndrome, Cerebral
Palsy Sensory impairment, dementia, elderly care and other complex health issues.
We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of person- Centred care within safe
and homely environments. Our aim is to help everyone we support to lead fullled lives
and where possible, achieve positive outcome regardless of age or presumed ability.
Whether in a residential home environment, home care or out in the community, our
dedicated and person-centred approach ensures individuals develop at their own pace, and
they make their own choices about their daily lives.
We offer a wide range of specialist care services to meet the social, physical, and emotional
needs of all the people we support. is includes:

  • Residential and nursing care tailored to the needs of the individual
  • Innovative support programmes in nurturing and caring environments
  • Supported living and community outreach transition services
  • Independent living in safe accommodation
  • Dedicated and highly qualied staff
  • Access to education and paid employment opportunities for adults aged 18 years
    and over
  • Progression through a care pathway that fulls potential
  • Choices for the people we support that encompass each individual’s needs to
    achieve positive outcome.
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